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1985: Seven Dials Exhibition

First Exhibition, in our charity shop basement. First Exhibition, in our charity shop basement.

Over the years the Trust has received pro bono help from many quarters. Our first exhibition, Architecture, History, Horology, was created by four design students from the Royal Opera House Covent Garden. The ROH also created extraordinary facsimiles of the Sundial Pillar and the music for the Royal Unveiling. The exhibition brochure was kindly sponsored by International Banking Information Systems Ltd who had their offices on Seven Dials, and who also hosted many of our meetings and provided administrative assistance as well as becoming a Sundial Sponsor.

The exhibition was displayed in both Camden Town Hall and Westminster City Hall and was used for educational purposes in various venues. When it began to show signs of wear and tear, our second (current) exhibition was created by Peter Heath as part of the second edition of the Seven Dials Renaissance Study and funded by English Heritage. It is laminated, making it more robust and has been displayed during many community events. It is available for loan in its entirety of 36 boards, or in sections. It can also be viewed online.

The First Exhibition Brochure

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