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People's Plaque Sponsorship

Example People’s Plaque. Example People’s Plaque.

The Trust’s People’s Plaque scheme highlights 28 fascinating people and institutions from the very local to the international. Lionel Lukin who invented the lifeboat has no plaque in London, neither does Syd Barrett, one of the founders of the Pink Floyd.  Did you know that ‘having a kip’ derives from the lodging house of the same name in Short's Gardens where ‘residents’ slept leaning over a rope to maximise space?

  Sponsors' names will be inscribed on a small plaque installed at eye level below the main plaque.

  This will also feature a QR code leading to further information on this website about the person or institution commemorated.  

  Sponsorship covers the cost of the manufacture and installation of the plaque and makes a contribution to the Trust's modest running costs. 

  View the full list of People’s Plaques online.


The People's Plaques Brochure, the Locations Map and the Positions Visual

The People's Plaques Brochure (download from below) has an A-Z of the proposed plaques with related images for each, together with the map below showing their positions and details of the very thorough research carried out for the Trust by Steve Denford of the Camden History Society.

The People's Plaques Positions Visuals (download from below) shows our on-site tests for their positions and sizes on each building/location. This was done to ensure they could be read easily from street level.

The People's Plaques Location Map shows the approximate location of each plaque.

Map showing People's Plaques Locations.
People's Plaques Locations Map.


View the interactive map here 


Seven Dials Plaques Project Brochure  Download People’s Plaques Project Brochure.  
(If you would like a printed copy of the brochure please do ask us)

  Download the People’s Plaques Positions Visuals.  
(If you would like larger images of any site please do ask us)

  View the full list of People’s Plaques online.

  Sponsorship of Peoples' Plaques: For individuals - a minimum of £4,000 (with permission to claim Gift Aid where applicable). For company sponsorship - a minimum of £5,000. Please refer to our brochure for the most up-to-date price information.


  People's Plaque Sponsorship Form (including Gift Aid consent for individuals).


  If you are a Business and would like to support the Trust's work by sponsoring a People's Plaque please contact us.