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Making — Who’s Who

Masons:  Trainees at Vauxhall College of Building, under the supervision of Brian Waterman, Head of the Masonry Workshop; and trainees at Ashby & Horner Stonemasonry Ltd., under the supervision of Alan Watts and with assistance from the Carpenters' Company College, Great Titchfield Street.

Architect:  A.D. Mason of Whitfield Partners

Astronomer: Gordon E. Taylor

Auditors: P.E.G

Designer of Dials faces & gnomons: Caroline Webb

Designer of promotional & fundraising material: James Pursey (pro bono)

Foundations:  Myton Ltd

Gnomens: Comyn Ching & Co (pro bono)

Historian:  Dr James Thomas, Portsmouth University (pro bono)

Horological Consultant: Michael Turner, Head of Clocks, Sotheby's (pro bono)

Letter-carver, painter and gilder: Caroline Webb

Lettering consultant: James Moseley of the St Brides Printing Library (pro bono)

Masonry and Erection: Ashby & Horner Stonemasonry Ltd

Scaffolding: GKN Ltd   

Site Supervision: Taylor Woodrow Construction Ltd

Solicitors: Sidney Torrance

Structural Engineers: Roger Howard of Hockley & Dawson


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