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For over 35 years, The Trust has raised funds and received donations and sponsorship from a wide variety of generous individuals, institutions, organisations and companies. 

MAJOR DONORS – (£100,000–£400,000+)

Department of the Environment (preparatory works on the Dials preceding reconstruction of the Sundial Pillar)
Kleinwort Benson Property Fund
Shaftesbury PLC

DONORS – (£10,000–£99,000)

**= indirect support on projects

Carlsberg cans covering the completed Sundial Pillar prior to the official unveiling

Carlsberg cans covering the completed Sundial Pillar prior to the official unveiling raised £10,000 for the Monument Appeal and paid for the unveiling shroud and installation.

Charles Hayward Foundation
Christina Smith Foundation
Department of Culture Media & Sports (DCMS)
Department of the Environment (preparatory works on Sundial Pillar)
De Wynters
Foundation for Sports and the Arts
Greater London Council Historic Buildings Board
Heritage of London Trust
Legal and General Investment Management
London Borough of Camden Community Safety Fund
London Borough of Camden Lighting & Engineering Departments
London Borough of Camden St Giles Section 106 Community Chest Fund
The Mercers’ Company
Mills & Allen
Seven Dials Charity Shop (courtesy of Kleinwort Benson)
Taylor Woodrow Property Company
Westminster City Council (façade lighting)

DONORS – (£5,000–£9,000)

History banners concealing work on cleaning the Pillar and restoring the dial faces.

History banners concealing work on cleaning the Pillar and restoring the dial faces.

Bovis PLC
British Land
Comyn Ching & Co
Department of National Heritage
English Heritage (now Historic England)
Greater London Council – The Otis Award
Haslemere Estates plc
London Borough of Camden CIL Fund
Kleinwort Benson Trustees Ltd
Priest Marrians Holdings PLC
Regentcrest PLC
Renton Howard Wood Levine
Taylor Woodrow Property Company
TIAA Henderson
WCC St James Ward Fund

DONORS – (£1,000–£4,000)

Alford Hall Monaghan Morris
Bedford Estates
Tom Bendham
BFK Crossrail
David Bieda
British Land
Foyle Foundation
Garfield Weston Foundation
Good & Chattels
Grosvenor Square Properties Group PLC
Groundwork Camden
Kennedy Leigh Charitable Trust
Kleinwort Benson Trustees
The Mercers Co
Merlin International Properties Ltd
Mark Rupert Read
Philips Lighting UK
Priest Marrians Holdings PLC
Robert Holmes a Court Foundation
William Shelton Fund
Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners Charitable Trust
Southern Properties Group
Stanhope PLC
Stoll Moss Theatres Ltd
Taylor Woodrow Property Company Ltd
Kieran Timberlake Associates
Westminster City Council St James's Ward Budget
William & Mary Tercentenary Trust

TIME PLAQUE SPONSORS – (£20,000 with Gift Aid, £25,000 without)

Time plaques facing the dials.

Dave Stewart
Taylor Walker (now Allied Domecq Leisure Ltd)
Kleinwort Benson Property Fund


Interested in sponsoring a Time Plaque?

SUNDIAL SPONSORS – (£10,000 with Gift Aid, £12,500 without)

Sundial facing South Sundial facing 60° West of South Sundial facing 60° East of South

Cecil Denny Highton & Partners – sponsored Sundial facing South
Hoskyns Group PLC (now Cap Gemini UK PLC) – sponsored Sundial facing 60° West of South
International Banking Information Systems Ltd – sponsored Sundial facing 60° East of South


Interested in sponsoring a Sundial?

PEOPLE’S PLAQUES SPONSORS – (£2,400 with Gift Aid or £3,0000 without) and STREET HISTORY PLAQUES SPONSORS - (£1,200 with Gift Aid or £1,500 without)

People's Plaque Example.

Westminster City Council – sponsored Aldridge’s plaque on Upper St Martin's Lane.
LW Theatres (Andrew Lloyd Webber) – sponsored William Hazlitt plaque on Long Acre.
Capital & Counties Plc – sponsored Lionel Lukin plaque on Long Acre.
CBRE Global Investors –sponsored the Earlham Street History Plaque.
Delfont Mackintosh – sponsored Sir John Gielgud plaque on Upper St Martin’s Lane.
Mark Rupert Read (Seven Dials Trustee) – sponsored John Logie Baird plaque on West Street.
Really Useful Group (Andrew Lloyd Webber) – sponsored Nathaniel Westlake plaque on Endell Street.
Anja Saunders (Seven Dials Trustee) – sponsored Syd Barrett plaque on Earlham Street and the Short's Gardens Street History Plaque.
Shaftesbury PLC – sponsored Roxy Club plaque on Neal Street; The Kip plaque on Short’s Gardens; the Cave of Harmony plaque on Earlham Street; and the Seven Dials Street History plaque.
Christina Smith OBE – sponsored Jim Cadbury-Brown plaque; and Ellen Keeley plaque on Neal Street.
Elizabeth Bax – sponsored John Jacob Holtzapffel plaque.
The Mercers’ Company – sponsored John Dryden plaque and the Mercer Street History Plaque.
The Hospital Club – sponsored Zepherina Veitch and Dame Rosalind Paget plaque.


Interested in sponsoring a People's Plaque?

DONORS – (to £900)

Airside Studio;     Tony Aldous;     Allies Morrison;     Mr. Allan;     Sophie Andrea;     Mrs. Dorothy Anson;     John Anstey;    Associated Holdings:   Barclays, West Brompton;     Robert Bargery;     N.J. Barrington;     T. Bendixson;     David Bieda;     Vanessa Brand;     Burkett Griffiths Scarlett;     R.M. Burton Charitable Settlement;     Miss Butterwick;     Camden Community Festival Fund      Mrs. I. Chaplin;     R.G. Chapman;     John S. Cohen Foundation;     F.W.C. Collins;     Elizabeth Connell;     Covent Garden Area Trust     Theo Crosby;     H.M. Davies;     Mr. Deacon;     K. Dotrice;     Mrs. P.K. Drummond;     Esmée Fairbairn Foundation;     Montagu Evans;     Advantage;     Terry Farrell Partnership;     C.H. Farthing;     Lady Tina Feilden;     Fletcher Priest Architects Charitable Trust;     Frere Cholmeley Charitable Foundation;    Funny Business;   A.D. Garrod;     Peter Glynn-Smith;     Godinton Charitable Trust;     The Goldsmiths’ Company;     Mrs. S. Goodsir;     Miss Grisdale;     Mr. Gulliver;     Simon Harris;     P.F. Haughton;     Hearst Magazines;     Peter Heath;     C.B. Henderson;     R.J. Herd;     J. Hewlett;     Miss Judy Hillman;     Peter Howard;     S.A. Hunt;     Gordon Hunting;     A.P. Hyde-White;     G.L. Jenkins;     Rolfe Judd Planning;     Miss Mary Kent;     Lancs & Yorks Investment Ltd;     Langbourn Property Investment Services;     George Lawson;     D.J. Lockhart;     W. Lyon;     M3 Consulting;     K.P. Mansfield;     M.E.P.C.;     Metropolitan Properties;     Midland Bank PLC, King Street;     Miller Hare;    Miller Management;  W.I. Mitchell;     Mon Plaisir;     Monmouth Coffee House;     T.P. Moulton;     National Bank of Abu Dhabi;     Orpington U3A;     Lord Palumbo;     M. Parry-Burns;     S.G. Pembroke;     Piercey & Co;     H.C. Platt;     L. Pooley;     Psychic Press;     Publica;     Retro Gen;     Lord Reilly;     Sir James Richards;     Dr. H. Roseveare;     Rothschild’s Holdings Charitable Trust;     Royal Society of Arts;     Lord Salisbury Charitable Fund;     Anja Saunders;     Col. R. Seifert;     S.F.A. Ventures;     Ms. Christina Smith;     Colin Smith:     Stoll Moss Theatres;     Mary Shand;     Shaw Associates;  Sidney Torrance;     The Silver Family Charitable Trust;     Squire & Partners;     Victoria Stable;     M.M. Steele;     Steer Davies Gleave;     Alex Stewart;     J.A. Stewart;     Peter Stewart;     Vane Sutton-Vane;     R. Talbot;     Tarrow Randall Rose;     Pat Thomas;     Tibbalds Colbourne;     R.G. Townby;     Tuckermans;     The United Grand Lodge of England;     Rafael Vinoly Architects;     Mr. & Mrs. T. Wacher;     M.A. Walking;     Cynthia Walters & Michael Cohen;     Humphrey Whitbread Trust;     Andrew Wilson;     Lady Caro Wilson;     David Witty;     Bob Woodman;     Young Georgians;     ZGF Architects (USA).

YEAR DONORS from 1694 to present – (£400 each with Gift Aid, or £500 without)

Year Donors’ Plaque.


Interested in sponsoring a Year of your choice?  Years in bold are available.

2019 DSDHA
2018 Grunewald Films
2016 Capco Covent Garden London
2014 – 2015
2013 Celebrating opening year of Nadler Soho
2012 Thomas and Thomas Partners
2011 The Mercer Street Hotel
2010 Almacantar
2006 – 2009
2005 Stanhope PLC
2004 Shaftesbury PLC
2003 Felicity Rigby Kaner
2002 Seven Dials Management Fund
2001 Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
2000 Covent Garden Group Ltd
1998 Nicholas Saunders 1938-1998. He put Neal's Yard on the map
1996 Covent Garden Hotel
1995 Peter Kutapan
1990 – 1994
1989 The Seifert Group Ltd
1988 Peter Ellis Esq
1987 Ray Green Esq, for the Jubilee Market
1986 Ray Green, for the Jubilee Market
1985 John Sunley Esq. for Sunley Holdings
1984 Anthony K. Brett Esq. for Brett, Packman & Co.
1983 Zeev Aram Esq. for Aram Designs Ltd
1982 Frank McGinty Esq. for Direct Mail Sales Bureau
1981 C.M. Needleman & Partners
1980 Jacobs Island Company & Partners
1979 Thompson Family Charitable Trust
1978 David Bulstrode Esq. for St James Corporate Services Ltd
1976 The Greycoat Group PLC
1975 The Mercers’ Company
1974 Sweby Cowan
1973 Zeev Aram Esq. for Aram Designs London
1972 David Bernstein Esq. for The Creative Business
1971 Peter Rapaport Esq. for Philips Ell & Gross
1970 Sir Terence Conran for Conran Associates
1969 Larry Clayton Esq. for W.I. Mitchell Esq
1968 Joelson Wilson & Co. Solicitors
1967 George A. Walker Esq.
1966 Abbey Gache Esq. for Abacus Film Production
1965 Peter Boizot Esq. for Pizza Express
1964 The Worshipful the Mayor and the Councillors of the London Borough of Camden
1963 Miss Christina Smith – for Goods & Chattels Ltd
1962 Hockley & Dawson Consulting Engineers
1961 Donmar Warehouse
1960 The Mercantile Credit Co. Ltd
1959 R. Peskin Esq. for Great Portland Estates
1957 Arthur Andersen & Co. Foundation
1956 Bill Lewington Esq. Macclesfield Street
1955 Peter Heath Esq. Co-author Seven Dials Renaissance
1952 – 1954
1951 Punjab Restaurant, Neal Street
1950 D.K. Mears Esq.
1949 Nigel Wiggins Esq.
1948 Mrs. Charlotte Simonsen
1946 Punjab Restaurant, Neal Street
1945 Finlan Group PLC
1944 Whitmore & Thomas Design Consultants Ltd.
1943 David Jeffcoate Esq.
1942 Roy Capel Esq. for Collotype Fine Art Deceased
1941 Beechurst Film Productions
1940 The Marquis of Tavistock
1939 Sallman Harman Healey
1938 Martin Spencer Esq. for Casson Beckman & Partners
1936 Marler Settled Estates
1935 Martin Peters Esq. for Robson Rhodes
1934 Miss Christina Smith
1933 R.P.B. Noonan Esq.
1931 Morny & Ian Hay Davison
1929 – 1930
1928 John Cresswell Esq. for JCA Ltd
1927 Marks & Spencer PLC
1926 Paul Hamlyn Esq.
1923 – 1925
1922 P.J. Chuck Esq. for Bernard Thorpe & Partners
1921 Ray’s Jazz Shop
1920 Barclays Bank PLC, Covent Garden
1919 Mrs. Barbara Heath
1914 – 1918
1913 Arthur Andersen & Co. Foundation
1911 George Hoare Esq., Theatre Royal 32
1910 Rhythm Method Productions
1909 Ben Dean (in memory of a remarkable man) Gabby & Madeline Brocklebank
1907 Marks & Spencer PLC
1905 Murray Sweet for PEG Management Consultants
1904 Miss Christina Smith
1902 The Thompson Family Trust
1901 Miss Christina Smith
1900 Lesley Sidney Marler Esq. OBE
1899 E.A. Shaw & Partners
1897 Theo Laub Esq. for Eurodiam Ltd
1896 Q. Bell Esq. for Quentin Bell Organisation Ltd
1894 Marks & Spencer PLC
1891 – 1893
1890 D. and D.C. Anson for E.R. & E.M. Stewart
1888 – 1889
1887 Lloyds Bank PLC
1886 M. Neal Esq. for Harry Neal Ltd
1885 Jacob Street Studios Limited
1884 Marks & Spencer PLC
1879 – 1883
1878 Charles H. Fox founded in Russell Street, Covent Garden
1877 Leslie Ginsburg Esq. AMG arrived in UK
1875 Pierson Heldring & Pierson
1873 Priscilla Padley supports a Theatreland Icon
1871 – 1872
1870 J.P. Ides Esq.
1866 – 1869
1865 Lawrence Duttson Esq.
1857 – 1864
1856 Roy Ackerman Esq. for Kennedy Brookes PLC
1849 – 1855
1848 Andrew, Julia and India Wadsworth
1846 – 1847
1845 John Thompson Esq. for Biscoe & Stanton
1841 – 1844
1840 Gardiner & Theobald, Chartered Surveyors
1838 – 1839
1837 B. Flitter Esq. for Lawgrove Ltd
1823 – 1836
1822 D.B. Money-Coutts Esq. for Coutts Bank
1813  1821
1812 L.C.S.C
1811 Kemp & Hawley, Chartered Surveyors
1802  1810
1801 Alexander James Wysard Esq.
1800 Jim Inglis Esq. for Inglis Computer Consultants
1796  1799
1795 John Anstey Esq., Anstey Home & Co.
1790  1794
1789 Mon Plaisir Restaurant
1788 Sir Charles Tidbury
1787 Watney Combe Reid & Co Ltd
1777  1786
1776 Ms Edie de Castro & Bryce McDonnell Esq.
1774  1775
1773 P. Farington Esq. for Herring Son & Daw
1757  1772
1756 The Mercers’ Company
1755 The Mercers’ Company
1753 Lord Chelsea for the Cadogan Estates
1746  1752
1745 Finlan Property Developments Ltd
1742  1744
1741 David Thompson Esq. for the Thompson Family Charitable Trust
1740 Ashby & Homer Masonry Ltd
1739 Peter & Penelope Hewitt for Bow Street Magistrates Court
1735  1738
1734 Baker Hill Ltd
1732  1733
1731 Alan Stroud Esq. for Milne Ross
1730 William W. Sawyer III Esq. for the N.A. Sundial Society
1718  1729
1717 United Grand Lodge of England
1715 Finlan Property Developments Ltd
1702  1714
1701 Finlan Group PLC
1700 The Taylor Woodrow Property Company
1699 The Salisbury Trusts
1698 Robyn Cooper Esq. for E.C. Harris
1697 Barrington Laurence
1696 Taylor Walker PLC
1695 Taylor Walker PLC
1694 Marler Estates PLC


Arthur Andersen & Co;     Guy Archard;     Benny Ball;     Patrick Baty (Papers & Paints);     David Bieda;     Bradstock Insurance Broking Group;     Brondesbury Print & Marketing Ltd;     City of London;     City of Westminster;     Comyn Ching & Co;     David Connor;     Covent Garden Hotel;     Paul Draper;     Faulkiner Fine Papers;     Firmdale Hotel Group;     F.P.C. Ltd;     David Gentleman;     Hill Mason Ltd;     Hoskyns Group plc;     International Banking Information Systems Limited (IBIS);     Kleinwort Benson Property Fund;     Konica Business Machines Limited;     KWT Printers Ltd;     Light Projects Limited;     London Borough of Camden;     London College of Printing;     London & Provincial Poster Group Ltd;     Mega Products;     Mercer Street Hotel;     Metropolitan City Police;     Mills & Allen;     Mon Plaisir Restaurant;     James Pursey Design;     RPB Noonan;     P.E.G. Philips Ell & Gross;     Kester Robinson;     Royle Printers Ltd;     Seven Dials Club;     Smith’s Restaurant;     Smiths of Covent Garden;     Sweby Cowan;     Taylor Walker plc;     Tattersall Hammarling & Silk;    Taylor Woodrow Construction Ltd;     Tetra Design Services;     Sidney Torrance & Co;     Westerham Press;     Jamal Uddin;     Julia McKenzie, Joss Ackland, Anthony Dowell, Paul Jones, Claire Rayner and their agents.